A historical terroir of olive trees, an unspoiled lanscape of mediteranean herbs, vines and fruit orchards.

Pairing one of our Extravirgins

Our Extravirgin Fruit&Branca

About us

How to link gourmet food, extravirgin oils and passion: Mas de Flandí project. Since its origins in the 18th Century, Mas de Flandí estate has been devoted to the production of olive oil, mostly from the unique Empeltre variety. Today Mas de Flandí company offers single-estate extra virgin olive oils…

The Orchard

Olives from unique XVIII century orchard. Mas de Flandí is located in the natural region known as Matarranya (Aragón, Spain). This area presents geological valley bottoms in U with a smooth topography at 400-500m above the sea level made of limestone and stratified sedimentary formations. A succession of natural terraces…

The Mill

Premium and Organic Extravirgin oils need mill facilities connected to the environment landscape. At Mas de Flandí we believe every step is important to reach the best aromatic expression in our FRUIT&BRANCA Extravirgin Olive Oil.  To make this natural juice ‘natural’ means keeping all the original properties that a single olive…

Our extravirgins of Oil

From the best olives we create the best Extravirgin of Olive, a natural juice from fruits picked up in October and November. FRUIT&BRANCA is the name for our Organic Extravirgin of Olive produced each season at Mas de Flandí. The personality of each variety, the agronomic seasonconditions together with intense field and…

Our Portfolio

Check out our portfolio with our Premium Olive Oil

Mill visits and tasting

Our milling facilities are open for visitors. We have prepared a guided visit of our premises and a tasting of 2 Fruit&Branca extravirgin olive oils. Duration:  1 hour.  Ticket: 15€ per visitor or 10€ each for groups +4pax Please call +34 655 844 151 or 978 769 333 to make…


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