The Mill

Premium and Organic Extravirgin oils need mill facilities connected to the environment landscape.

At Mas de Flandí we believe every step is important to reach the best aromatic expression in our FRUIT&BRANCA Extravirgin Olive Oil

To make this natural juice ‘natural’ means keeping all the original properties that a single olive contains, bringing them untouched into the extravirgin oil. Thus we take the healthiest fruits from our farm plots, start processing them within the next 4-6 hours, going first through a quick clean up, meaning that leaves and small residues are vacuum cleaned and olives are sprayed with fresh and clear water.

Next step is the crusher, where olives - at regulated speed and controlled particle size, depending on variety and ripeness degree- become a nice aromatic paste which is automatically sent into the blenders.

With the shortest time lapse possible paste gets homogeneous at these blenders. Here, the key points are short time, low temperature and oxidation protection by using a low impact system.

Next, within minutes, olive paste is transferred to the decanter. There, separation occurs, olive juice shows up and immediate tasting takes place.  Emotion sharpens our senses with every batch. It gets a true challenge to reach all the personality of that particular extravirgin juice. That happens through a balance of aromas, pungency and bitterness. Once our senses confirm excellency is reached oil is immediately filtered with cellulose plates.

This entire process includes temperature control sensors (crusher, blenders and decanter) to keep temperature within 20- 24ºC permanently. Our processing system from MORI-TEM has the recognition of being cutting edge technology for single state premium olive oils.  Low oxidation impact is one of the elements that make them unique and have been designed by the manufacturer to get outstanding aromatic and healthy properties.

Our Extravigin of Olive is then kept in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen atmosphere to keep freshness and stop oxidation  until packaging takes place. Both bottled and bulk oil is kept in a cellar room with permanent temperature control (15-19ºC).

Resulting by-product (sansa) is still rich in elements like oil for soap and stove biomass, thus stored and sent to a proper dealer.


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